Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Asshole, A Glass of Wine, and An Epic Realization

Hey guys.. So I've been a complete asshole and negligent blog-writer. Sorry for that. Each week I am challenged with how to continue the story (which parts to include, how much, how little, etc. etc.) and sometimes I get really frustrated and just throw my hands up and say... "Screw this, I'll just pour myself another glass of wine." And then I neglect all of you wonderful people who take the time to stop by. I'm an asshole, please forgive me. I am working on my work ethic.. that doesn't sound like a good combo but I am trying to do this well.  My point is that I now have a glass of wine sitting next to me and it is going to keep me accountable for finishing this blog post. It says, “You’re welcome public. You are SO welcome for my vigilance.” Thanks for putting up with So, on to the story.

After my stomach-melting, Legolas-meeting, first day on the town I had a reality check. And this is what it was: I can be anyone I want and even better I can be exactly who I always wanted to be. I’m sure I am not alone in getting stuck in a personality rut. You know what I mean, when you want to be different and change into a better version of yourself but it is just too hard. And you are afraid. And there is that god awful voice in your head saying, “You can’t.”

Like I told you all before, I was in a bit of a rut when I arrived in Sweden. I had a total of about two friends, no social life to speak of, my boyfriend was out of the country, and I was lonely. And after my first day, making what I hoped would be friends, I realized I could do it. I didn’t have to be the old me. I was completely and utterly free to change if I wanted. I didn’t have to show these new friends the old me.

That same night I took action after I met my new roommate. 

*I hear keys jingling and luggage dumping over*

*Enter rommate*

Me, "Hi!! You must be my roommate! I'm Emily." I said with a big smile.

Original roommate, "Uhhh.. Am I in the right room? Is this..emm... si-x-ty-wwwoon?" 

At this point I was confused and concerned but assured her she had the right room. Original roommate says, "Oh I am sorry. I don't mean any offenses but I can't have a two-person room. I need a single room. I am working for my master's degree and I really need quiet. I have to go change this. Nice to meet you, sorry."
"Uh, oh! Ok well no problem I understand... Nice to meet you. Good luck. But come back if you need somewhere to stay tonight of course!"

"Yes. Well OK. Bye."
Secretly I was excited because this meant Wobbly Girl and I could be roomies! Wobbly Girl's original room was a single room with a shared kitchen. She said she wasn't sure about having to share with so many people. So I thought, being genius me, ROOOMMMIIIEESSS FO LIFE!

I had only had a roommate the first semester of university so I thought it would be a great experience. We could be best friends and share clothes and Wobbly Girl seemed like a great fit. Ahh so naïve.

We worked it all out and Wobbly Girl and I became roomies and (if we weren't already) instant BFFs. That means best friends forever, if you didn't know. Don't get saucy with me I am just trying to be thorough and not expect everyone who reads this to know texting/online/IM shortcuts. Geez. So much for being polite.. 

And thus began the semester abroad… Wobbly Girl as my roomie, Legolas, Hottie-Tattoo-Guy, Lluis, and a whole band of international students as potential friends, ready to become the person I had always wanted to be—it was about to get epic. (And yes, I do realize how utterly cliché that sounds but I didn't realize it then.)

This is me being ready for an epic semester...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I Am Enjoying Being Unemployed....

As some of you know I am currently unemployed. And since this is making me CRAZY I thought that I would try and be positive about it and make a list of the best things about unemployment.  Well, my unemployment. Yes this is completely off-topic for my blog. Yes you might just want to skip this and wait for another post about "The Story" but you also might laugh a lot. Or find things to distract you from your employment. I think both of those are reason enough to continue reading. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. Because when you are unemployed, order doesn't matter:

1. I no longer need to feel guilty about sleeping in. I DO WHAT I WANNNNTT
This is an old picture but it makes my point. And yes.. I am sleeping on the floor of a van. Deal.

2.  My Pinterest boards have never had so much action:      (It is extremely satisfying to organize things onto boards when you are unemployed. It creates a false sense of productivity and accomplishment.)

3. I have time to get obsessed about really weird things and hobbies. Currently I am dead determined to get a Filofax (probably not the actual brand but the type of agenda). Yeah..Thanks Pinterest. But seriously..who doesn't want a badass organizer like this full of organized awesomeness?? And who doesn't want to buy me one? I will love you forever if you buy me one....hint hint.

                                         Picture and Idea taken from:

4. I can have three hour conversations in the middle of the night with my mom. LOVE her. (I miss Target almost as much as I miss my mom.. Ok yes I miss my mom way more but...I miss Target a LOT)

5. Monday Mojitos: We (husband and I) have the time to experiment with and make bulk mojitos (strawberry) and drink them in the middle of the week. It was awesome. Be jealous.

6. We FINALLY (after three summers) went to the outdoor movies on Montjuïc. For those of you that don't know what Montjuïc is it is basically a large hill/foothill that is a part of Barcelona. At the bottom there are government buildings and really pretty fountains and at the top there is a castle. And this is where we watched the 70s comedy "Avanti!" It was a perfect night:

                                                        Avanti! (1972) Poster

--Side note "Mastercard" commercial: 12€ for 2 tickets, 6€ for 2 chairs, 5€ for food, perfect night at an outdoor movie on the side of a castle: Priceless. 

7. Time enough to take life in. By this I mean that we are not rushing around to "find" time for fun etc. etc. but we can actually "stop and smell the roses" so to speak. Sometimes, though this time was not quite planned, it is absolutely essential to put life on hold and just........Be. I think this picture is a good summation. This is from our walk up to the outdoor movies (re: #6) and we had enough time that I could see a bit of the sunset, take some touristy pictures, and enjoy it. We had never done this walk in our three years of living here together.

8. Family Time. Now most of you might be thinking (because you are my family and wonderful) but your family isn't close! But half of my family is close. And not having to worry about going to bed early for work or fitting everything around work hours we have gotten to spend some quality time with the Catalan side of our family. And I have also had the time (re: #1) to have great conversations with my family back home because I don't need to worry about the time difference.

9. Unemployment has given me ample time to discover the internet. Even the dark, dark corners of the internet like and Don't go. You'll never come out of it. But this is an awesome reason to start aimlessly browsing the internet:

 (Is it just me is or is it really unfair that Olivia Wilde is not only a great actress and badass person but she CAN WRITE too? UGH. Some people just get all the luck.)

10. I now can (guilt-free, mostly) maintain my slight obsession with TV series. I watch just about any series but mostly a lot of crappy dramas from ABCFamily. Yeah I know. It's weird. But hey... I also keep up with quality shows like "The Newsroom" and.. well I think that is the only show of real substance that I watch during the summer. Check back with me when the new season starts in September.