Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Party, The Godfather, and the U.N.

I have been wracking my brain for about two weeks trying to remember something about today's part of the story. It isn't important per say but it is hard to start a story about a party when I can't remember how I was invited to said party. Usually memories are lost during or after a party but not before, like hours before, without  alcohol or a head injury. Alas I am who I am and we will have to struggle along without knowing how I was invited or heard about the party.

We will have to then surmise that I in all likelihood bumped into the organizer of the party. This guy, we will call him The Godfather (I will explain in a second, don't worry I know the name is too good not to explain), had decided to "throw a party" on the second or third night there. Somehow I found out or bumped into The Godfather and he told me to come to the party. I asked my awesome friend Lluis if he was going, and he said "yes" and Wobbly Girl roomie was going to come too!

Of course Wobbly Girl and I spent about an hour trying to get ready and I was struggling with finding a perfect "European-party-but not too partyish-new me-I'm awesome-but not trying" outfit. It shouldn't have been hard but it was. Yes I know I am publicizing my awful habits but really they aren't changing and I don't think that wanting to look exactly how I feel is a bad thing. An outfit to suit the mood. That isn't too self-obsessed or girly right? Yeah... OK. I should really get an editor. And a life coach.

So FINALLY we were ready to meet Lluis and Legolas to go to the party. We were all that nervous-excited that makes you slightly awkward and do the breathy laugh. It was the first party of the semester the first party of our study abroad. As we all walked in, prepared for an epic night, we realized we couldn't physically walk in. The dorm room was packed tight with people and we all stared at the gigantic pile of shoes at the door (part of the difficulty of entering) then back up at this relatively bumping party.

"Heyyyyyy guys!" The Godfather shouts at us, "Come in, come in!! Isn't this great?"

I was seriously impressed and slightly astonished at the fact that this guy could round up roughly 30 international students in about 2 days on a foreign campus. I had to admire his skill. And then I had to climb over the pile of shoes, complete an acrobatic feat to navigate around the people, and try and not stand awkwardly in the middle of the crammed room.

To my great surprise I found I didn't have much time to be too awkward. I was introduced to or greeted by nearly everyone in the room within half an hour. Most people gave the two kisses on the cheek as a greeting and a few shook hands but mostly the kisses. Wobbly Girl and I (with whom I shared a slight social anxiety) smiled at each other, pleased that it wasn't as difficult as either of us expected. I met Germans, Spaniards, Italians, Russians, and one Mexican girl... there were more countries represented in that tiny dorm than the U.N. Alright fine I'm just kidding but you get my point. I had never met so many people, so quickly, from such a wide variety of countries and cultures. It sounds completely cliché I know but it is true and it was fascinating. And perfect. What I remember most clearly is how picturesque it all was; thirty students in their twenties from all over the world crammed into a tiny dorm room absolutely ready to experience life in the way we had always imaged it.

The room was full of our anticipation that was finally meeting the something it was so hoping for and everything was perfectly in its place.

P.S. Oh yeah, The Godfather.. I forgot to elaborate. If you didn't pick up on it already this guy knew everyone instantly. He could throw together a party on the second day in a foreign country and actually have people show up. Later you will discover the other reasons we called him that. I should put a disclaimer here that the other reasons never included harming anyone or any violent tendencies.. just to be clear.. 

P.P.S. I do realize that these last few posts are slightly out of order.. The coffee with hottie-tattoo-guy was after this party.. but I think the importance of events has stayed in its true order. Forgive me for being amazingly confusing.