Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yeah I apologize for this..

Alright folks it is post day. And I am at a loss. I've been trying to think of the next story to add in and I'm stuck. But I also don't have any awesome stories to tell from current-day life either. Not unless you count my mother-in-law flashing her bra in a restaurant today. But there isn't much elaborating I can do on that. I mean, a bra flash is a bra flash. Right? Or..wait.. Regardless I think I am being a bit lazy as far as the story goes and I really want to do it justice. But I also don't want to skive off on my post-day duties. Can you imagine if I had some sort of book deal or real job with deadlines? I'd be so beyond screwed.

In light of that, this is what I will do--not that you all care to know but I think today I'll post about some cool shit I've found/been introduced to/discovered/joined in on the bandwagon.. Take it for what it is. Maybe you can discover some cool stuff too. I mean...everyone wants to join in right? I totally just typed and erased a really big BAZINGA on hipsters. But I thought, seeing as though I am not writing a legitimate post for today that I couldn't be too judgmental (AND I can't spell judgmental- furthur proof).

AAAANNNND on to the post-non-post cool stuff list:

1) Did you know that there is a PINTEREST for online stores? Yeah where all the pictures you click on have links to legitimate (well ok I haven't checked HOW legitimate they are but..) online stores where you can buy the awesome shit that you "pin"??? It is like having every cool boutique store you have ever seen all in one spot. True, I still can't afford to buy any of it but such is life. (P.S. Not all of the items are over-priced by any means, a lot of it is reasonable or even cheap; but we're skint so all non-need items are over-priced for us hehe) Find it here:

2) I am unabashedly (hell yes that is a was 50/50 for awhile there..) going to promote a good friend of mine from university. He is a quality guy who does GREAT music. He just released his new EP and you can buy it on iTunes for 2.97$. I am completely excited for him and what a great accomplishment it is! Way to go for it!
        Artist: Tudor Williams
        Album: Guilty Pleasures
And if you want a taste of his awesomeness just watch his music video:

If you can get this without laughing and enjoying it then I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.... Ok I'm kidding, I don't have enough readers to get choosy.

3) The other day my husband asked me if I was reverting back to my teenage years.. I asked what made him ask and he said, "Well honey.. you are posting on a music artist's webpage like a 15 year old fangirl..." Yes I got public about how much I like this next artist: Holly Henry. She is on the new season of "The Voice" and I saw her audition and had to look her up. Wow. Check her audition out:

But even better than this are her other covers.. She has a youtube channel ( or on soundcloud ( If you go to the soundcloud one and just press play you can listen to all her covers continuously..  It might be good office/working music but seeing as though I've never had a real office job I can't say for sure- you tell me.

4) // So an old friend of mine has started a blog about (so far) her 30 day vegan challenge that she is doing with her hubby. Let me be perfectly clear: I am not vegan nor do I need vegan recipes. My hubby and I are practically the opposite of vegan. BUT this blog is a great laugh and the author has told me that she gives out "vegan points" for just reading the blog--so it is an easy way to feel better about that cheeseburger you ate for lunch today. Allie is also a way more diligent blog poster than I am so while you are endlessly waiting for my posts check out hers! [yes, thank you, I do realize that I am a really bad publicist.] 

5) Yeah ok I can't even get up to five things..

In lieu of being extremely self-deprecating I will end the post here. I will do my best to post again this week with something from "The Story" to make up for this..well..whatever this is. I just wanted to let all you awesome people know I hadn't bailed (completely) on you this week. So now you know what's on my mind and I'll get you some more story this week.

Lots of love to all you people who keep coming back. You make me feel good. And P.S. HOW THE HECK DID I GET PAST 1,000 VIEWS!?!?!? I'm ridiculously excited about that, and grateful. Y'all are great people. I think.. [My bad publicist has told me I can't say you are all great because I don't actually know you. So the "I think" is just a disclaimer, not me doubting you. I swear]

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