Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Legolas, The Town, and a Melted Stomach

I am hoping that this last cup of coffee will be the one to propel me through writing this post. Apparently I have a hard time being motivated and getting things done unless I am rushed or haunted by a deadline. When I have an abundance of time it becomes impossible to do, well, anything. Yes. I know. But look at me being all productive and shit writing in my pajamas at two in the afternoon. You like it. Awesome.

[Enter construction noise from above]

[Writer puts on headphones and blasts Icona Pop. Which is perfectly appropriate because they are Swedish.]


Day two in Sweden. I woke up excited, I was beginning to realize where I was and what I was about to embark on. It was a good day. Except... I had no coffee. Or food. "Fuck, where can I get breakfast?? At least...Coffee?" I remember the thought, I remember the feeling, but I can't for the life of me remember what I did to solve the problem. Probably nothing. 

I went to meet Lluis ("Was that your stomach or did you just fart" guy) to head into town. Little did he know that I was banking on him knowing how the hell to get there and what exactly we were doing in town. I was unabashedly clueless. We need phones they tell me. Ok let's get a phone I tell them. I had no idea where these kids were getting their info but I was happy someone was paying attention. 

I was waiting in the lobby of our dorm for a few minutes then decided to go knock on his door. This was such a good choice because...

"Uh..hi?" A beautiful, tall, blonde boy opened the door. Normally, I am not speechless or intimidated but I was. He was so...pretty. It was like if you were to meet Legolas in real life. So pretty it hurts to look at. Ok not QUITE  but..you get what I mean. I hope.

"Uh...hmm..hi? I'm Emily? Is Lluis here?"

"Ohhh yes yes ok. We all go to the town, no?" 

"Anything you say....." Just kidding, I kept that to myself. Thankfully. I just nodded amidst my drool.

Lluis came to the door and he said, "My roommate wants to come as well, is this ok?"

I nodded. Good lord I was shameless! I really had no interest in this guy but I was so surprised by his prettiness that I couldn't get my shit together. I was still shocked by his elvish beauty.

We set off, me following because really I had no idea what was happening, towards the bus stop. Oh, there are buses. Great! How convenient. And happy coincidence, we found my "wobbly friend" who was never wobbly from yesterday. Yay! We all went to town together and I was grinning from ear to ear. Why? I have no idea I was just, finally, happy.

When we arrived in town we decided to get some food and (GASP) a beer! Because, hell yes, you can drink at 20 in Sweden. 

After having my first legal beer we headed out in search of phones. 

What I was learning about my new friends is that Legolas was Italian and Lluis was Catalan (from Catalonia, Spain). So when we went into a phone store and were looking around Lluis all of the sudden perked up.

In a whisper he says, "Those guys are speaking Catalan! I'm going to go say "Hi". Just a moment." 

And then, he turns and waves us over to this group of apparently Catalan guys. So we walk over to meet them.

Never in my life have I been SO happy that Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French, etc. etc. people have the tradition of kissing cheeks rather than shaking hands, than I was in that moment. Why you ask? Because it gives you the opportunity to get a kiss from an attractive guy upon meeting without being whorish. 

It was a group of..I don't remember how many guys because I only payed attention to one. So I met Carles and happily received his two kisses, one on each cheek. What was his name? Carlos? Crap.. My stomach melted. I blushed. And I got absurdly nervous. I don't think I even said a word. Maybe my name. Maybe.

This guy had on a white t-shirt that showed off a beautiful three-quarter sleeve tattoo. His ears and lip were pierced. He had dark hair in a kind of fohawkish (and what I thought was) European haircut. And he had big blue eyes. Crap. Crap crap crap. 

When we walked out of the store I looked at Wobbly Friend and said, "My god... That guy was...wow. I'm in trouble."

I never thought I had a type. I never knew. But maybe I don't have a type. I think it was just him

My mind spent the entire day (and many to come) trying to understand what had just happened. 

I began to rationalize it. It was just an attractive guy and I was missing my boyfriend. Fair enough. Reasonable enough. So I brushed it off and tried not to think about it. I can be such an idiot. 

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