Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A convoluted introduction: WELCOME

To be honest, this blog is about four years late. What happened four years ago you ask? Well I began my study abroad experience a little less than four years ago. Where did I go? (OK yes I am asking you to ask me these will get why in just a few more lines...maybe) I went to Växjö, Sweden. The shape of Sweden is like a finger, and Växjö is in the bottom..oh fuck it go to Google Maps and search it. Yup, there it is. And again you ask me, "Where the F is that?" And I respond, "I rightly have no idea." Which I say with a British accent that sounds nothing like a British accent but I imagine in my head some guy with a monocle saying "rightly" so that's why I say it like that. Perfectly reasonable explanation. 

The real point is here that about four years ago (three and a half to be honest but four is easier to write) I embarked on an adventure that I'd never really come back from. And sadly, I didn't really record any of it. I have pictures, I have some funny stories, but it is all turning into a crazy blur and I'd really like to record some good shit before I forget it all. I'm not sure what will cause my complete memory loss but because I regularly forget things that happened an hour ago I figure this is a good preventative measure. 

*Cigarette break* (You can take one too, but you shouldn't because smoking kills "Fumar mata!" and it is a terrible habit (fuck habit has one B? Since when? Maybe I got used to writing Hobbit and therein lies my spelling problem..) and you really shouldn't. DON'T SMOKE. But I will so give me a damn minute here..) 

ANNND I'm back. To continue my rambling. 

I realize now that I should have put a preface to this... THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to read my ramblings. I fully understand that probably very few people, if anyone, will read this so if you are reading this you are pretty cool and thanks for making me feel heard. 

Back to the story. What story? Crap where was I? **reading what I wrote and doubly thanking you for continuing to read** Ah yes, recording these four years. 

So why Växjö, Sweden? Because I am an awesome American who didn't know a second language which seriously hindered my study abroad options. I originally wanted to study abroad in London, why? Because it is one of those cities that sounds posh and incredibly cool (are those the same thing? man my British slang sucks). Then I looked at the financial side of living in London and realized it was NOT a feasible option for me (something like 20,000$ for a semester?! WHAT!?). So I went online, or did I go to the study abroad office on my campus, either way I did some more looking. Spain was out because I could barely say more than, "Hola". Italy was out because, well I didn't speak Italian.. and you are starting now to see my dilemma. Where could I study that was awesome and foreign but didn't require a second language? Sweden apparently! I found that I could take my courses there in English so that was that, Vaxjo, Sweden became my destination. 

And that is where this whole story sort of starts. I say sort of because the story about why I ended up studying abroad is a long one and maybe I will write about it another day but for the moment we'll focus on the fact that I was going to Sweden. 

I think this is a good place to stop for the moment.. I probably shouldn't write whole epic posts so to see what happened next you'll just have to come back.. Muhahahahahhahaha (evil laugh at my ingenious way to get return readers... or not..) 

See you soon. 

P.S. You can all thank my friend Tudor for this blog. Awhile ago I said on Facebook that I couldn't be bothered to blog (pretentious I know) and my wonderful friend replied "and world will continue to NOT be a better place because of it." I laughed at first and then I spent the following week or so feeling EXTREMELY guilty that somehow I was robbing the world of my inane (weird how insane and inane only differ by one letter..think about it) blabbering so here it is and you can blame him. 

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