Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I should explain...

Man this blogging thing is really hard... I had like 13,948,752,344 ideas and just went with what I did and then I forgot about explaining a few KEY things to you millions of readers (HAHAHA). 

Explanation 1 "Poc Desastre": "Poc Desastre" means "Little Disaster" in Catalan. What is Catalan you ask? Well it is the language that they speak in Catalunya (or the American/English spelling Catalonia). Where is Catalunya? Well it is (to most Catalans' great disdain) a part of Spain and is the home of Barcelona. So on the eastern side of Spain.

Explanation 1.1 "Why Poc Desastre": I named my blog "Poc Desastre" for a few reasons that all tie into one reason. My wonderful husband. After knowing me for a few weeks or maybe about a month one day he looks at me and goes, "You really are a fucking disaster, you know?" Now, before you freak out and call him rude, he said it in love. And he meant: Emily, you always end up with one mitten, you trip frequently, you're absentminded, and 90% crazy. All of which are true. And when he said it, I laughed. Why? Because I had never heard a more accurate description of myself. And since Catalan is the mother-tongue of this wonderful husband of mine, and Catalunya has been my home for almost two years now, I thought "How absolutely and wonderfully appropriate!" (In that badass British accent of mine) Also I plan to, in the story of the past four years, explain many of my "Little Disasters" to you all. 

So there's that.

Explanation 2: Crap..what else did I want to explain? Yup..still can't remember....And now you are seeing why husband's description was 100% accurate... Ha ha ha Emily's hilarious...

Explanation 3 "Why am I writing a": 
       1) So I sort of explained that I'm writing this blog to remember the last few years so I don't forget my awesome early 20s when I get that unnamed illness that makes me lose my memory completely. Well that's not the whole story. I have been trying to write this blog for...well four years. I've started and failed a few times now. But I'm starting again with the hopes that my newfound maturity -insert knowing scoff- will help me stay focused and consistently posting. And for the record, newfound, is not one word but I don't know if it should be hyphenated or two words or not so it is going to stay one word and you are going to like it. 
      2) I am also writing this because I have spent most of the last four years out of the U.S. I feel that my friends and family have a hard time following what's going on with me. That is 100% my own damn fault because my communication skills are sporadic at best. So I'm writing this to give them an edited (mostly) version of what has been going on in my life. I have missed all of them dearly and I really want to share my life with them (you too random reader, don't worry). So yeah. 
      3) I want to be a writer. I'm not going to explain that more because its embarrassing. 
      4) And lastly I am writing this because I think my story has some really funny parts and a kick-ass love story that you might enjoy. 

Explanation 4 "Participate!": Soo... I'm writing all of this and posting it out there in cyberspace hoping that some cool people read it. If you are reading it, and you like it, or you find something funny, or you hate it, or you think I'm nuts..Tell me about it. I'd love to hear what you think about what I'm writing! Or if you have questions..or if you want to know more about something specific (no dirty details ever shared on here so don't try you sicko). So yeah, talk to me, I'll talk back. And it'll be sweet. 
    **Disclaimer: If you are going to be outright mean, I don't want your comments. Come on now.. I thought that was implied? Who gets on a blog, reads it, and then says something nasty? Why keep reading if you don't like it? Why take time out just to be mean? Don't do it asshole. Just don't or I'll be mean right back. Because apparently I'm vindictive...but seriously. Generally nice or at least good-natured (damn that's not a word either...well deal with it) comments only. A little criticism is allowed. But only a gentle.. 


P.S. The next part of the story is coming soon....keep checking back to see if I've posted it :D Ok..fine..I'll let all you wonderful friends know on FB when I post it...or will I?

P.P.S.*Amendment*  So as is my custom...apparently I'm SUPER wrong..Ok well not super wrong but pretty wrong. First off...I spelled "Disastre" wrong. It SHOULD be "Desastre." Go me...goodness me if I could just do one thing without embarrassing myself..Well there's that. So I'm going to see if I can't fix it in the URL of my blog.. if I do I'll let y'all know. THEN my loving husband also informed me that it should be "petit desastre" because "poc" is more like "lacking" or when there isn't enough of something..but I'll leave that because it is just a further testament to my "fucking disaster" status. Yay me for trying to learn another language.....And for all of you who have learned a second (third, fourth, or fifth) language you know exactly how I feel..When you try SUPER hard to do something right and it just ends with giggles and lots of mistakes and embarrassment. So yeah. Awesome. 

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  1. I love this. I will read everything. This is the only blog I follow. Hell yeah.